Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What am I thinking? I'll tell you...

This all started when Brian asked me if I wanted to run a marathon with him. My first response consisted of each of these thoughts simultaneously:
1. Oh HELL NO!
2. That's impossible, I have a bad knee
3. Twenty what miles?!?
4. This boy MUST be crazy

After he came back from his first meeting he was so pumped, so enthusiastic, so confident. I was intrigued by this. He told me that the marathon was going to be in San Francisco. He told me that other participants had never run a marathon before either. As I watched him beaming about this incredible journey he was about to embark on, I couldn't help but wonder - "Is it impossible? Why would I miss out on such a great opportunity to have a life changing experience with the love of my life?" The benefits completely outweighed any doubts or fears I had (still do have). I couldn't imagine sitting on the side lines while Brian ran by at what I am sure will be a very fast rate of sweaty, handsome speed.

I had two pretty major knee surgeries in highschool due to a broken femur, AKA - the longest, largest, strongest bone in the body. I fell through the springs of a trampoline and cracked it up the middle. For my first surgery, they put a large L - shaped plate and seven bolts on my bone to hold it together while I healed. This was a revolutionary procedure, because in the past a person with an injury like mine would have ended up in traction for three months (whew! that would have sucked). After a week in the hospital, I was sent home on crutches, and on crutches I stayed for the next three months. Two years later, I had a second surgery to have the hardware removed. Needless to say, my knee has never been the same. Nevertheless, I am determined to run this marathon. My knee injury seems to pale in comparison to what those battling cancer must be experiencing. I know I can do this! In the past, I have been insecure about the rather large scar on my leg. I will now be showing it off as I don my running shorts every training day. Boys like scars, right?

My goal is to run side by side with my husband the whole 26 miles. I will keep the pace with him and we will cross that finish line together! My motivation to see his face as he finishes this marathon will be the driving force behind my speed and endurance.

I love you Baby!


Brian said...

Yeeaaah baby!! You f'n ROCK!! I can't wait till we have our montage... our sports training montage... montage...

Ace said...

WOW Jamie. This is going to be quite the adventure for you. I'll be stopping by to see how you and hubby are doing. GAMBATEEE (goodluck in japanese) I do hope you guys are greeaaatt!