Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Best Run of My Training

Breathing in the ocean air, water crashing at my feet and a lighthouse beckoning me further. This was my best five mile run since the first day of training.

In mid September, Brian and I went to stay with his family at a beach house in Santa Cruz for a week. We kept up with our training and did a five-mile run through the harbor to the local lighthouse. It was beautiful.

As we ran upon the sandy path to the lighthouse, water splashed up on the rocks as if to cheer us on.

We did a 30 minute run in the sand earlier in the week. It was EXTREMELY challenging. Running in sand is very exhausting. It was a good workout.

Our nights were spent around a bonfire singing and playing our instruments. Brian played his didgeridoo, his mom clanged the shovel against the rocks, Angela, Rachel and I sang, Kevin and Brian's Dad played the bongo drum. We were like the Triplets of Belleville! We roasted marshmallows, ate smores and had a blast.

We knew our longest run was just around the corner, but we relaxed, laughed and ate delicious food. It was a good week.

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