Friday, September 19, 2008


The timing for this marathon couldn't be more perfect. Brian's Dad, Rich, will be undergoing his stem cell transplant around the same time that we are running the marathon in his honor. This is just too big to be coincidence. We got some great news about his treatment and recovery. So read on!

The results from Brian's Dad's bone marrow taken a month ago show that he has 0.92% myeloma cells, and the doctor said that with the additional month of treatment he has gone through since the test was done, he believes that Rich is in 100% remission…yeah you read that right ONE HUNDRED F’N PERCENT REMISSION!!! Not only that but the doctor believes he is in the 60-70% of people who, after a stem cell transplant, will be CURED FOR LIFE!!!

When Brian called me to tell me the news, I burst with like 5 emotions at once! I was laughing and crying at the same time. I was at work, so I had to walk outside so I could shout, "WooooooHooooo!" Miracles do happen. I know he did so well because of the strength and unity of his family. Rich hardly experienced any side effects from his six-month treatment. He is ready to go in for this surgery strong. I know he will have a full recovery and be cured for life. I believe it deeper than I have ever believed anything.

We are making up our 20 mile run this Saturday. This is the longest run in our training before the marathon. I will have gatorade in my belt and Brian by my side. We can conquer anything!

By the way, come to the fundraiser show I am producing this Sunday night at 8 pm. See the flyer above for details. We are having a silent auction, live music and a lot of laughs. I hope to see you there!

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