Sunday, June 29, 2008

A bit of a break to stop and smell the wine

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Brian and I took a little time off from training and went to the central coast last weekend to celebrate our 2-year anniversary. We did a little wine tasting, a little soaking in the natural hot springs and a lot of chillin' at the beach.

We stayed at this great little motel on a hilltop the first night. It was a little hillbilly, but a lot of fun! I was briefly reminded of that movie "Vacancy", but I didn't let that stop me from enjoying the beautiful view and great conversation with my husband. The second night, we went to one of our favorite spots in the town where we got married, Avila Beach. Sycamore Springs Resort has private hot tubs on the balcony of every room. We soaked in the natural hot springs that poured right into our hot tub. It felt great after all we have been putting our bodies through.

The days were filled with playing on the beach and wine tasting.

I sunbathed on the sandstone rocks as the water splashed up. Brian went exploring in the little beach caves nearby. He helped some little boys find crabs in the rocks (they found a pretty big one!) We did a little shopping too. I got what I like to call, "my beach bum dress" at a little shop on the beach. Brian's search for flip flops yielded no results. We bought a couple of bottles of wine and enjoyed the sunsets.

On the last night, we camped on a beach about 20 minutes from civilization. We barbecued a delicious meal and lit a fire in our little fire pit. We have a pretty funny story from that night that I can't share here, but ask Brian. He tells it the best ;-) The next morning, we woke to some very hungry yellow jackets swarming around the campsite. They actually stole our breakfast from us! We left the campsite hungry, but happy that we survived.

We took about a week off from training, and went back to it on Wednesday. Brian went to run and I went to the gym. It felt good to get back.

This weekend, Brian's parents came into town to celebrate our anniversary with us. It was such a treat to have them there. They took us to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner. It was fun! We ate with our hands and enjoyed unique food. There was a belly dancer for entertainment. She was able to make her hips vibrate!

On Saturday, Brian and I got up at 5:30 am to train. I went to do the bike and he went to meet the team. When I came back from the gym, Brian's parents and I went to the team's training location to greet Brian as he finished his run. This was a big day for the team because we changed our location and everyone was doing a 6-mile trail run.

What a great day to have Brian's parents there! They got to meet everyone and see Brian run in, victorious. I wore my jersey and clapped for everyone as they came in from the run. It was great to see everyone. I had been away for a couple of weeks.

Next Saturday, they are doing an 8-mile run. I hope I am not falling too far behind. Every time they up the mileage, I feel a little worried that I may not catch up. One thing is certain, I am determined to run this marathon!

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