Monday, June 30, 2008

Random thoughts while riding the bike

I have been staring at the same poster on the wall every time I come here. The girl in the picture has this blank look on her face, she isn't sweating at all and her hair and make up are perfect. If I were to look in the mirror right now, I would see a girl with messy hair, a red sweaty face, and a determined look in her eyes. I want to see that in a poster.

My ankle injury
has had me confined to training on the exercise bike at the gym for the past couple of weeks. My ankle is feeling better, but I am not running on it until I see the sports medicine doctor on July 7th. He is also an orthopedic surgeon, so this was the earliest he could see me. I am anxiously awaiting this date.

In the meantime, pedal pedal pedal! While Brian goes off to the beautiful green park to train with our team, I go to the sweaty, crowded myself. I stare at one point on the wall and pedal my ass off in hopes of building strong legs that will carry me through the long runs to come. Motivation has been a struggle for me, but I am pushing through it.

I would like to take this time to share with you the random thoughts I have while riding the bike:

"Why do people bathe in cologne or perfume before exercising? I would much rather smell b.o. than feel like I am working out in the perfume department at Macy's."

"I am grateful that I can still exercise, even if it isn't running."

"If I just look straight ahead and don't make eye contact, this creepy, hairy guy sitting on the bike backwards next to me won't talk to me."

"Soon, I will laugh about all the training I did on this bike. I will look back on it with fondness and a sense of satisfaction that I kept training even when I couldn't run"

Back on the bike tonight. Brian will be joining me to give his joints a little break. I am actually looking forward to tonight's training :-)

Thanks to all of you for your comments, thoughts and support. It is keeping me going and making me stronger.

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