Monday, June 9, 2008

Overcoming Obstacles

Week 2 of training
brought obstacles and challenges which were anticipated, but not this early on.

Wednesday evening, we had our group run. I was still pretty sore from Saturday, but feeling optimistic. As we pulled up to the park, I realized I forgot my running watch. This is an essential part of my training because I am doing the run / walk method (run for 3 min, walk for 1 min). Brian loaned me his watch because he is used to running, so he runs for 8 min, walks for 1 min. He has less stops. We got there and everyone was ready to go (we were a little late because we were coming from work). Here is a recap of the events that followed:

Brian: (To the group) "Does anyone here run for 8 minutes, walk for 1? I need to pace with someone who has a watch"
Totally Hot Blond with amazing body: "I do"
Our Trainer, Cole: (To Brian) "What about your girlfriend?"
Me: (Two inches tall) "I'm his wife."

My husband, my bruised ego and I started running...
Brian normally runs with me for the first 3 minutes and then takes off when I do my first walk break. One minute into the run, my right calf cramps up. My right leg is not as strong as my left since my knee surgeries. In all the commotion, we forgot to stretch before running - BIG MISTAKE. I started limping, my outer self matching my inner wounded self. This is where my first tears were shed during training. I was so angry that I couldn't go faster, run harder, do better. I told Brian to go ahead without me, but he wouldn't leave my side. He stayed with me for the entire three miles. At the end of the run, my right ankle was pretty sore. I may not be the fastest yet, but I have the best husband.

On Saturday
We had our 7 AM group run. Today, Brett (our trainer) was going to time our mile and see how fast we run. We ran a mile to warm up and then ran our "timed mile". My ankle was still pretty sore from Wednesday. I ran through the pain and came in at 9 minutes 58 seconds for my timed mile. Brian smoked almost everyone with a time of 7:13.

We experienced our first group of Team In Training supporters on our run. There was the most adorable family next to our trail, about mid-way down, with a table full of snacks and little dixie cups filled with Gatorade. There was a young toddler clapping her hands and cheering with her parents as we ran by. She was precious! It definitely gave me fuel to keep going.

At the end of the day,
I was hobbling but happy. We did some stretching and went to breakfast. I am enjoying the unity of the team. It will surely come in handy when we get further down the road.

Brian and I are making nap time an essential part of our Saturday afternoons.

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Number 1 DLP said...

Awww! That's sad and funny at the same time about the blonde chick! I know how it feels to have a bruised ego. At least you have an awesome husband who stayed by your side throughout your pain! :D Great job, girl! I know you can do it!!!