Monday, June 9, 2008

"If You Are In Pain, Stop Running..."

These were my trainer, Brett's, words to me on Wednesday evening as we did our third mid-week group run. My ankle was hurting so bad, I was limping as I ran. Brett suggested that I run for 1 minute, walk for 3.

"You can't be serious,"
I thought. I slowed to a fast walk. Brett and I discussed the pain I was feeling in my ankle as everyone passed us. He said there is a difference between soreness and pain. "If you are in pain, stop running," he said. "It is still very early in the training process and you could injure yourself if you push it".

I turned and looked behind us.
"There's nobody behind us Brett," I said. I definitely wasn't the fastest one on the team, but LAST?" I felt like my mind was one entity and my body, another. I wanted to run and catch up to Brian so desperately. Every time I started to run, however, my ankle seemed to be defying my brain's command. Brett was very supportive, but firm. I didn't like it, but deep down I knew he was right.

My minute was up and I slowed to a walk again.
I thought 3 minutes was long when I ran it. It is even longer when I was forced to walk it. I walked for quite a while by myself. Brett had to check on the other team-mates. I'd like to say it was peaceful and enjoyable, but I was just concentrating on keeping the tears at bay. "I can't cry two Wednesdays in a row," I thought.

On the last stretch of the run, our other trainer, Cole found me bringing up the rear. He was great at keeping my spirits up. He shared some similar "war stories" with me about his trials during training in the past.

As we turned the corner, I saw Brian running toward me.
After he finished his run, he came back to be with me as I finished mine. It was so great to see his face. We walked together and talked about getting different shoes to help with the pain, and seeing a doctor. I was willing to try anything.

We went to see Brian's family over the weekend. It was a lot of fun. He went on a Saturday morning run while I stayed in and worked out on the stationary bike. It felt good to get my heart rate up! I don't want to lose the endurance that I've built up. On Sunday, I was limping again.

I began a daily regimen of ice and stretching. My ankle has been a little swollen and walking has become painful. I made an appointment to see a doctor for the following Tuesday (tomorrow). For the first time ever, I am excited to go to the doctor. As soon as I know what's wrong, I can start taking steps to fix it. All I want to do is run!!!

I suppose running a marathon is a good lesson in patience.


SonHui said...

I'm so effin' proud of you,I feel like I'm there with you! I'm cheering you on!

Ryan said...

You're amazing Jamie!!